by Like Clockwork

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illegal eyes they're watching me all of the time
they got me right where they want me
my dirty hands are tied behind my broken back
and now i'm down on my knees

ignore the truth whatever you gotta do
to make the demons leave you alone
i'm taking a flight they wanna take me aside
i'm a stranger in my own home

i feel like i'm a terrorist

little eyes are watching me take off my shoes
they wanna know what's on my feet
my dirty hands are clean i got you down on your knees
i'm packing weapons you can't see

explore the truth we didn't find any nukes
and now the demons won't leave us alone
you're taking a flight they wanna push you aside
you're a stranger in your own home

i feel like i'm a terrorist
so why don't you pull me aside?

bombs away

(oh, to know that i am not one
and yet they are all within me.)


released December 21, 2012
"Terrorist" by Like Clockwork
Written by Like Clockwork & Lucian Walker
Produced by Like Clockwork
Additional Production by Lucian Walker
Mixed and Mastered by Spencer Hoad




all rights reserved


Like Clockwork Los Angeles, California


Jesse Owen Astin, Spencer Hoad, Brian Stead & Pete Beukelman

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